I Don’t Want to be Alone and Lonely


Humans are encoded to be social creatures. It is grafted into our genes to have companionship. Preferring solitude is not the norm, so this cognitive decision usually has some underlying motives behind it.

Touching and being touched in a wholesome manner brings out the best in a person. Feeling connected gives a person a sense of being. Notwithstanding, there are circumstances where preferring solitude is a sound alternative to maintain one’s emotional stability and even one’s health.

It is not attractive to be alone and lonely; however, this state is far better than living in a constant state of stress that being with the wrong companion brings. Living with an incompatible companion is a form of insanity that leads to a variety of negative consequences.

This type of living environment brings no satisfaction, joy, nor calm into a person’s life. It is a living space where no one honestly wants to be. But it happens, and when it does, run for your life because that is what is at stake.

I know a person that has placed himself into this disagreeable predicament more than once. The bizarre thing about him is that he knew full well on each occasion that he was unwittingly heading into quicksand.

Knowing that this was an error in judgment, instead of avoiding the quicksand, he willingly walked straight into it.

As he began sinking, instead of pulling himself out of the mire, he foolishly did his utmost to cause him to descend deeper and quicker.

I cannot fathom what one would call this type of personality because it goes beyond the scope of reason and common sense. It is like a sickness that wants to get sicker.

After he finally extricated himself from the latest deplorable situation that he placed himself in, he reached the concluded that his best approach to peaceful living is to be alone, as undesirable as that is.

He hates the consequences of loneliness, but seeing that he has a propensity for making bad choices and decisions, he has consigned himself to separation.

A fool and his foolishness will reap his foolish rewards, and no one needs to trouble themselves over him because he is not worthy of the energy that it will take to do this.

Misery can find it’s own company. Insanity can hide beneath the bed sheets. Today is here, and now today is no more.

It is undesirable to be alone and lonely, but a negative alternative is much worse than going solo.